Ice Bagging Systems - Commercial Grade Ice Production - Self Bagging - Eco Friendly - Made in the USA

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Welcome to Eco Ice Systems - IIBS, LLC

Ice Bagging Systems - Commercial Grade Ice Production - Self Bagging - Eco Friendly - Made in the USA

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Our Ice Bagging Systems:

▶ Eliminate Costs Associated
with Trucking Ice

▶ Immediately Improve Your
Carbon Footprint

▶ Go Anywhere in the World
(CE/UL/NSF 12 Compliant)

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International Ice Bagging Systems, LLC (IIBS) was formed with one specific goal; manufacture the highest quality and most technologically advanced automated ice bagging system in the world.

Our Team:

We are a team of people with decades of experience as senior business leaders in the consumer packaged goods market as well as in the manufacturing and engineering of automated bagged ice equipment. Our team is seasoned with management experience across a broad corporate experience base such as Kraft Foods, Quaker/Pepsico, Ahold and Meijer Foods. The core operating team has directly overseen automated ice bagging equipment deployment and engineering development while working closely with select national retailers in test platforms across a number of geographies to develop a world class operational platform.

▶ March 2010: IIBS Hires Barry-Wehmiller to oversee all engineering activity.

▶ September 2010: The first beta type operates successfully. IIBS files multi-patent applications for global protection.

▶ December 2010: IIBS signs definitive agreement to manufacture IIBS auto bagging system with a strategic partner in the mid-west.

▶ August 2011: IIBS commences global sales marketing efforts of its products

▶ December 2011: IIBS completes longevity, stress and reliability testing delivering 120,000+ bags produced without any faults or failures.

▶ April 2012: IIBS invited to present at Quartermaster School Symposium.

▶ May 17, 2012: IIBS is awarded 2 year contract with US Army.

▶ May 25. 2012: Units shipped to US Army for deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)

▶ June 2012: IIBS asked to Present products at Quarter Master School Symposium at Ft Lee, Va.

▶ June 2012: IIBS signs definitive partnership agreement with PLC-Global for overseas distribution activities.

▶ July 2012: Eco-Ice System successfully passes Afghan simulated trials at Ft Polk JRTC Training exercises.

▶ August 2012: Eco-Ice Systems received successful confirmation of ATEC testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds where the system exceeded Army operating thresholds September: Eco-Ice System installs equipment into first US Grocery customer.

▶ October 2012: US Patent office issues registration approval to trademark: Eco-Ice System, Think Globally, Ice Locally.

▶ October 2012: IIBS signs definitive agreement to partner with MCapitol Management.

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